Kazoo Rebrand

Mar 8, 2017
InterFace - An Internet of People

Feb 16, 2017
MIT hackathon sociology psychology experience design
How can we use technology to overcome perceived psychological barriers and forge new and meaningful social connections?
Technology and Sociology, a User Experience Analysis

Feb 7, 2017
sociology cognition user experience virtual augmented reality
In our increasingly connected world, how can technology enhance our physical world rather than replace it?
Redefining IoT

May 1, 2016
cognitive social psychology IoT machine learning
My team thought about IoT from the perspective of how humans benefit psychologically from technology and designed a fullstack solution for Somfy.
Rebranding Vibram for China

Dec 20, 2015
east meets west branding culture values
How would a Western brand’s values be communicated in a different culture? How would its values change?
Hong Kong Recycles

Oct 30, 2015
sustainability politics logistics app design
How can the recycling industry add value for people who recycle?